ULTIMO Deployment Sites-hero


ULTIMO Deployment Sites-hero

ULTIMO will deploy fleets of automated vehicles in three sites across Europe. In all sites, fleets of AVs will be integrated into existing (public) transport networks, aiming to further enhance mobility and logistics services in the area.

ULTIMO Project
Kronach, Germany

Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia

Improving mobility between city and rural regions by building a fleet of autonomous minibuses that will be integrated into the existing public transport system as a complement.

Oslo, Norway

Grorud Valley, Oslo

Initially operated as metro feeder service, this site will deploy automated shuttles as competitive service fully integrated with other traffic, serving passengers in the area in their everyday mobility needs.

Geneva, Switzerland

Belle-Idée Estate, Geneva

In Geneva, three automated vehicles capable of self-driving on 99% of all routes, will connect different facilities of the Belle-Idée estate such as a hospital, kindergarten, and restaurants.