€55.96 million

(of which €24.2 EU-funding
& €18.12 from Swiss Confederation)

ULTIMO Partners


from eight European countries

ULTIMO Coordinator


DB Regio Bus

ULTIMO Duration


October 2022 – September 2026

(four years)

TGP Bus Autonome

Today the transport sector finds itself in a crossroad for the deployment of automated vehicles (AVs). During the past few years, many projects and initiatives have tested and deployed AVs in public transport, but the large-scale roll-out of automated shared fleets that are commercially viable is yet to be realised.

By taking a holistic approach to AV deployment that considers all elements in a cross-sector business environment, ULTIMO wants to truly unlock the integration of AVs into cities with on-demand and door-to-door services that will allow for more sustainable, accessible and inclusive mobility. The ULTIMO project will build on top of past experiences and projects, focused on tackling obstacles that are hindering large-scale AV uptake, including economical challenges.

TGP Bus Autonome RUTER

ULTIMO will deploy AVs in three sites across Europe, each with 15 or more multi-vendor vehicles per site. The aim is to target the operation without safety-driver on board, in fully automated mode and with the support of innovative user centric passenger services.

ULTIMO’s innovative transportation models are designed for a long-term sustainable impact on automated transportation in Europe, around the globe and on society. The composition of the consortium ensures the interoperability between multiple stakeholders by making adoption of new technology at minimum costs and maximum safety, while the integration of the ongoing experiments of previous AV-demonstrator projects ensures highest possible technical and societal impacts from the very beginning of the project – and even long after its completion.

TGP Bus Autonome RUTER


Validate integrated shared CCAM systems and services for people and goods across Europe

Develop open-source application programming interfaces (APIs) for seamless integration of vehicles and fleet management into MaaS and Laas systems

Reach large scale, multivendor deployments in all sites, using the most adapted vehicle for each transport use case
Set the basis for a common and reusable model for High-Definition (HD) maps
Provide automated passenger services for safety and service quality
Develop and validate cross-sectoral business models
Improve interaction with road users and infrastructure for improved safety
Realistic, long term transition planning design for the deployment of AVs in MaaS and LaaS