Groruddalen Valley,



Piloting a competitive AV service in all traffic scenarios

Initially operated as metro feeder service, the site in Groruddalen will deploy automated shuttles as competitive service fully integrated with other traffic, serving passengers in the area in their everyday mobility needs.
ULTIMO Project

Lead partner:


Vehicle description:

15 – 20 shuttles with SAE level 4

Integration with public transport:

Three example scenarios:

  • Free-float, covering all mobility needs in a MaaS-setup
  • First mile/last mile feeder service to local metro station
  • Replacing existing bus-lines during low-peak hours

Target users:

Internal travels replacing use of private vehicles

Track length (in total):

free-float within a geo-fenced area of 16-20 km2

Maximum speed:

90 km/h


The test activities will take place in Groruddalen (“Groruddalen Valley”) located north-east of Oslo city center. The valley’s residential areas were developed as “satellite cities” with large apartment complexes separated by green areas, with a local offer of schools, shops, and leisure opportunities.
In Groruddalen the public transport system currently consists of 19 bus lines, three metro lines, paratransit transport services, and local train services. The work done in ULTIMO will be based on experience and learnings from previous AV pilots conducted by Ruter in the Oslo region. Since 2019, Ruter has transported more than 30,000 paid passenger trips and driven 50,000 kilometers in AV pilots, providing several key learnings relevant to ULTIMO.

Main objectives:

ULTIMO will pilot a competitive service where Ruter’s customers will experience a transport service in everyday life in a relevant geofenced area. This means free float driving without a safety driver in all traffic scenarios including highways, roundabouts, traffic lights, several lanes, bicycle lanes, pedestrians, etc. The shuttles will also be deployed and operated as a metro feeder service.

True innovation will happen if the next step can include on-demand service to multiple pre-defined pick-up and drop-off locations in the local area and as an integrated part of the existing fleet already operating in the area.

Contact Person:

Benjamin Astbury Øveraas