ULTIMO Mentioned in the Latest Brochure by CINEA.

Emerging patterns and technological advancements in the realm of transportation are instigating a transformative shift in our mobility systems. This paradigm shift is poised to exert a profound influence on the environment, commuters, and enterprises alike. Automated transportation stands as a pivotal component within this metamorphosis. It possesses the potential to curtail road fatalities significantly, bolster the accessibility of mobility services, and mitigate detrimental emissions arising from transportation activities by optimizing traffic flow and efficiency.

Hence, CINEA shoulders the responsibility of overseeing an increasing array of EU initiatives aimed at fostering, evaluating, and harnessing cutting-edge solutions backed by the Horizon Europe research and innovation program, among which ULTIMO stands prominently. Within this program, the European Union allocates approximately €500 million in funding to facilitate the advancement and widespread adoption of advanced automated and interconnected driving systems.

The most recent brochure released by the European Commission presents an assemblage of CCAM (Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility) initiatives overseen by CINEA and financed through the Horizon Europe program for research and innovation spanning the years 2021 and 2022. These initiatives encompass a wide array of domains, including data ecosystems, self-driving transportation, validation approaches, environmental considerations, and more.

Within this esteemed compilation, ULTIMO, alongside other pioneering CCAM projects, takes great pride in its inclusion in this comprehensive brochure. Those with an interest can obtain a downloadable copy of the brochure by following the link: https://cinea.ec.europa.eu/publications/towards-cooperative-connected-and-automated-mobility_en. Inside its pages, readers will discover an all-encompassing summary of the ULTIMO project. 

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ULTIMO and MODI page of CINEA's brochure